What Our Clients Have to Say

New Homes

"People have trouble believing it when we tell them everything turned out perfect and better than we expected. Coastal Builders did a great job!"
Scott and Lyn E.

"Bob took us to several homes he built. I liked the detail on the homes and he just looked like somebody I could trust. He builds a good, strong, sturdy home. It's not like the average home. This house is just magnificent, in my opinion. I love it."
J. Chakides

"If he builds your home, you've got him as long as he's kicking. He came highly recommended. People had nothing but lovely things to say about Bob. He had a lot of good ideas about saving money. He will tell you the truth, he's a high-quality builder, and does a really good job and follows through. We were pleased with the house, and still are."
M. Holmes

"I don't think I've ever gotten better references. All of them were very happy with his performance. The consensus was that if you build with Bob, you get Bob with the home. You get him building your house as if it were his house and his money. Then you get him when you need him after you've moved into the house, as if it were his own house. Bob is very professional. He still calls us periodically."
W. Hinman


"It was no problem whatsoever. The crew came in and when they finished every day, they cleaned up the whole house. It was more than we expected. Everything went great!"
J. Steele